Adorable Dachshund Pup Helps His Family Dig Potatoes!

Adorable Dachshund Pup Helps His Family Dig Potatoes!

Everyone meet Lucas McCain, an adorable dachshund pup who’s out in the garden today helping his family dig potatoes! Yep he’s decided that today the digging has got to be worth it! Take a look!

This fur ball wanted to make to make himself available to his family today so when he saw them all outside in the garden digging potatoes, he decided to strut his stuff! After all, digging comes natural, doesn’t it? But what if digging gets too aggressive?

According to Dummies, “Don’t get mad if your Dachshund digs. You can’t argue with instinct, but you can try to teach him what he can dig in and what he can’t. It is important to give his digging an outlet. Try giving him a sandbox as your Dachsie’s very own digging playground. If you seem him digging some place he shouldn’t, pick him up and put him in the sandbox.” Now take a look at this fur ball helping around on page 2 below!

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Feature Image Source: artsyael

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