Adorable Dog Knows Exactly How To Get Mom's Attention!

Adorable Dog Knows Exactly How To Get Mom's Attention!

All dog parents know that when their friends want to play, they won’t stop until at least one ball is thrown. This happens with every dog breed because playing with their parents is one of the most effective ways to show love and connection.

For this dog mom, things are a bit more straightforward and demanding. Sydney, Liz Beauchamp’s beautiful girl, is a ball of new puppy energy, with her favorite activity being able to play in the ward with her family.

One lovely morning, as Liz was sitting down and enjoying her morning cup of coffee, Sydney was making it known that she was ready to play. Liz would ignore her so that she could get started on her day, but Sydney was relentless, pawing at her legs and pushing her ball closer. After finally getting the point across, Sydney decided ‘No’ wasn’t the answer she was looking for.

Liz looked away from her coffee for one second, and shortly after was surprised with a hot splash. Sydney, ultimately dropped her ball right into the coffee, spreading the drink everywhere. Instead of running away or being ashamed, Sydney nudged the coffee mug, begging for the wet ball to be thrown.

Liz got quite the kick out of it, and the family all took Sydney’s side. Even though Liz takes her morning coffee seriously, Sydney can teach all of us that stopping to slow down and have some fun is imperative!

Images & Feature Image Source: Liz Beauchamp

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