Adorable Dog Living In Deplorable Conditions Gets A Second Chance To Life

The way in which we treat our four-pawed friends can change their lives forever. Yes, we can change their lives for the better, but sometimes our actions have consequences that are for the worse.

These consequences are not always temporary and can carry over into a dog’s life forever. Kiki is a bulldog living in southern California. She has had numerous touch-and-go experiences with life because of the way her previous owners had treated her.

It is suspected that she was left in a garage by her owners starving for long periods of time, and because of this, she had developed many sores and ailments which became infected and turned into diseases. Malnourished, extremely sick, and exhausted, Kiki was barely holding on to life.

Thankfully, Kiki was rescued and is now well looked after. Her rescuers continue to give her soft, medicated baths for the skin conditions that resulted from her neglect, she gets special food that is easy for her to eat, and she is on a few medications to keep her as healthy as possible to fight off further infection.

Although Kiki is being cared for now, the implications of how she was previously treated will never fully go away. She is still prone to infections and goes through times where her body almost completely gives up on her.

The story of Kiki pulls on our heartstrings as a reminder of how one kind action can save an animal’s life. That being said, it also brings the seriousness of how we treat our pets to light, highlighting the importance of keeping them safe as much as we can!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

Images Source: Southern California Bulldog Rescue

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