Adorable Dog Loves Petting Other Dogs At Daycare, And Confuses Them!

Our dogs show their affection for us in so many unique ways! We often find them rubbing up against us for a back scratch, giving us those cute puppy eyes for attention, and even hinting for a tummy scratch by flopping on their backs at our feet when we are trying to walk.

We find ourselves melting in their paws and surrendering to the cuteness without noticing! All these weird and wonderful gestures are what makes us love them even more. At some point in our lives we have all read a story in magazine or newspaper or seen a viral video on social media where dogs show affection towards other dogs.

We have seen that this is usually shown through playful pounces or animals cuddling together, but this isn’t always the case. There has been hilarious footage of dogs lying on top of others for comfort reasons alone, or pictures where female dogs have taken it upon themselves to mother other pups. These cute and comical actions are not uncommon, and they usually make for hilarious captions, cute profile pictures, and even modern-day memes all over social media.

In one particular doggy daycare over in Burlington, Ontario, there is a serial cuddler on the loose! The Den Doggy Daycare looks after Ruby, a German short-haired pointer, who has a rather usual way of expressing affection. Despite odd looks from fellow daycare dogs, Ruby spreads the love without giving it a second thought, just not in a…. uhm… conventional way!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

Image Source: Alanah Lorraine

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