Adorable Dog Loves Petting Other Dogs At Daycare, And Confuses Them! (Part 2)

Here’s Part 1 of this story, in case you missed it! This doggy daycare in Burlington is one of the only centres that allows dogs to have the freedom of roaming between the indoor and outdoor play area, making it a relaxed and happy atmosphere to be in.

Taking full advantage of the freedom and positive environment, Ruby roams around spreading her love among the other playmates as much as she can.

Every morning Ruby trots around and pets the other dogs. She starts by petting her brother Miles, and moves on to the other dogs once everybody has settled in. The expression on the other dog’s faces, when met with this peculiar gesture, is often priceless! Her playmates are at times very confused and give her strange looks, trying to understand what on earth she means by this.

Despite the confusion, her day care playmates allow her to pet them, and she is never met with aggression, most likely because her intentions are pure. Oblivious to the strange stares, Ruby completes her petting routine every day and merrily continues in her bubble of joy.

Photos of her doing this have been a winner on social media, having viewers wonder why she does what she does. None of us will ever really know what the meaning behind her petting action is, but whether it is attention or affection, her happy-go-lucky character continues to put a smile on our faces!

Ruby’s attitude is contagious, and we could all do with a little bit of happiness no matter how weird it may be!

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Feature Image Source: Pixabay

Image Source: Alanah Lorraine

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