Adorable Dog Loves Testing His Family's Love And Devotion By Making Himself Disappear!

Our precious dogs go to all kinds of weird and wonderful lengths to get our attention. They roll on their backs for a tummy scratch, sometimes place a paw on our leg for a pat, and when they really want attention, they might even bark in the attempt for a quick response.

These are all regularly encountered escapades from our trusted hounds, but sometimes a furry friend will go the extra mile and really do something strange! Sonic is a sweet little pug who regularly checks that he still has the love of his family. How does he do it? He tries to make himself disappear!

Sonic has a tendency to hide behind the household’s lace curtains and keeps quiet, thinking nobody can spot him. When they call him, he does not respond, just to test if they really want to find him.

The family always plays along and continuously “searches” for him. When Sonic feels their effort is good enough, he will come out and the family acts as if they are extremely relieved. Sonic certainly makes sure that he gets the attention he feels he deserves and makes this family work for it!

Our canine companions always find a way to give us a good chuckle, always keeping us on our toes. Whether their crazy antics are done on purpose or are just part of their character, it really does not matter. At the end of the day, we love them for the joyful bundles of character and energy that they are!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

Images Source: Junior Alvarado

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