Adorable Dog Meets Seal Pup On Vacation And Instantly Become Best Friends!

Where would we be without our friends? They can enrich our lives, lend a caring ear, be there for us, and together we may establish lifelong bonds. That is of course if we choose the right friends.

We are usually drawn to people that share the same interest as us, but occasionally opposites attract. Animals, being so similar to us, also have the ability to make friends and these friendships can also be lifelong. Sometimes they choose the unlikeliest of friends- much the same as we do. The typical dog-hates-cat scenario has been proven to be just the opposite on many an occasion. Then there is the unusual case of a dog that befriended a seal.

Perhaps it sensed a kindred spirit when it gazed into those soulful seal eyes. It became an enduring friendship that was reinforced by frequent visits. This goes to show that we shouldn’t let preconceived notions or biases prevent us from making new friends.

We shouldn’t be surprised if our pet takes an uncharacteristic fancy to another animal because, after all, his superior instincts and intuitiveness are guiding him. Unusual doggy friendships can also be a delight for us humans to behold, for example, the dog that allows a parrot to peck at his fur and lies back indulgently; or the one that permits that traditional enemy, a cat, to lie on his back as it seeks warmth and comfort on a cold winter’s evening.

A friend in need is a friend indeed!

Images & Feature Image Source: Melanie Talbot

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