Adorable Dog With PTSD Is Looking For His Perfect Family

My dear forever somebody,

I don’t have a name yet, and I have no clue what breed am I exactly, like if that matters at all.

What matters is that I am small and sweet, goofy, curious, and loving just like any other dog and I know you will not be able to resist my eyes when you see me. It’s called love at first sight, you know. I am happy and my biggest fear is someone taking my food or my ball from me. Oh, I am sick too. I have a thing humans call PTSD and it is a condition pretty much the same as it is in you humans. That of course, makes me not less adorable.

I may have moments of anxiety, feel scared and tired, sometimes insecure and those are the moments when I would need your help to calm me down and help me get through the bad times I may have. When that happens, I would want you to give me some space and time and respect my boundaries, just like I would do for you too. I work hard and I have come a long way already; I know how to give paw, sit, and pretty much all basic things you would want from your furry best friend. Other than that, I will love you to keep me active and happy, play with me, and help me keep working on the best of me. All I need is a loving family which will be with me through the good and bad times. Not much to ask for, right?

“Pawlease”, adopt me; give me a name as charming as I am, and lead me to an amazing adventure with you; I will be a good boy and I’ll give tons of unconditional love in return, I “pawmise”!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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