Adorable Dog Won't Sleep Until Mom Tucks Him In Every Night!

We, as dog lovers and pet parents, know that our canine companions are our babies. We raise them, feed them, bath them, and love them. They get playtime with us and we often take them on various adventures with us.

Some breeds, such as Border Collies, are highly intelligent and intuitive. They pick up on the slightest ques and have a good understanding on how to communicate with us. Just as children, our four-legged furry faced family members can be just as demanding when it comes to certain things, such as nap time! Fusion is a Border Collie who belongs to mommy Steffi Trott.

He is highly intuitive and very well trained. In fact, Fusion and his mom train every day. From playing frisbee to learning tricks, Fusion is always at his mom’s side. There is one thing, however, that Fusion is relentless about having every day. That is his nightly tuck-in from his mom!

Every evening, Steffi closes the house and the dogs jump to their sleeping places, except for Fusion. Fusion will sit next to his bed and refuse to budge before he gets properly tucked in by his mom! Once tucked in and cozy, he is more than happy and goes to sleep. Finding this hilarious, Steffi knows this is one trick she will never get out of Fusion but is happy to do it.

As pet parents, we have many duties and responsibilities. Every now and then our canine companions will decide then for us too!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

Images Source: Steffi Trott

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