Adorable Dogs Can't Stop Barking At Friendly Dolphin In The Water!

Adorable Dogs Can't Stop Barking At Friendly Dolphin In The Water!

The interaction between animal and man is, and will always be, special. Animals have a way of making us feel connected to them through non-verbal communication.

Be it a look or a gesture, we know when they connect with us. Most commonly, we feel this connection between us and our canine companions. Sometimes different animals connect with each other too, and this is just as special. Most of you may have seen viral videos of dogs and ducks playing together or even dogs with their supposed arch-enemy – the cat – becoming best friends!

Sometimes these interactions are so unexpected that they truly catch us off guard! This was most certainly the case for a mommy and her two loyal dogs. One morning, Magen Peigelback was on her boat with her two pups near the Isle of Hope Marina. If any of you are avid fishermen or boaters, you will know it is not uncommon for dolphins to swim “with” your boat. They love swimming alongside boats and displaying an array of dives.

On this occasion, the dolphins were swimming with Magen’s boat and seemed to be interacting with her pups. This spectacular show went on the whole morning! A video was recorded and shared on social media. The video of this interaction went viral worldwide!

Magen said the interaction was so special it truly made her heart grow even bigger, reminding her how special the bond between animals is and how we can learn from them. A truly heartwarming story indeed!

Feature Image Source: wbtw

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