Adorable Dog's Family Made Him A Little Fence So He Could Look Outside!

Adorable Dog's Family Made Him A Little Fence So He Could Look Outside!

Harry is a cute little dog who recently found his one true passion in life. It was always Harry’s favorite place to relax in the fenced-in backyard of his parents, but from there he rarely saw much of what lay beyond.

It was nearly impossible to see through the fence pickets due to their close spacing.

Harry saw what he had been missing for the first time when something happened. An unexpected storm knocked over the fence, so a new one was erected with a different design.

His dad, Alex Mcleish, told how Harry looked out between the pickets and gaps in the reconstructed fencing. It was game over for Harry. He was busted! With the narrow slits in the fence, he could peer through to see what was going on on the other side. Is there anything better?

Fence windows, of course. Mcleish jokingly told his father that he caught Harry staring out of the gaps for a considerable amount of time. Suddenly, the fenced window appeared on Sunday morning! Harry Mcleish’s dad had cut out a window in the fence just for him to see the world clear from the fence.

The boy was overjoyed. According to McLeish, Harry already knew it was his. The way he watched his dad working on it was like he was waiting for him. The wait was well worth it.

From the moment the window was installed, Harry has been watching people and other dogs walk by his house and wagging his tail wildly. Often, he sits there for hours until McLeish calls him in. The fence wouldn’t have bothered Harry if it had remained as it was, of course. With that charming modification, Mcleish’s dad greatly enhanced his pup’s favorite pastime.

A happy Harry, who loves life in his backyard, did get a pleasant surprise view. Seeing him look out at life makes his family extremely happy.

Image Credit: Alex Mcleish

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