Adorable English Bulldog Wants Pizza, But He Fails To Steal It!

Adorable English Bulldog Wants Pizza, But He Fails To Steal It!

Everyone meet Bosse, an adorable English bulldog pup who just can’t contain himself as soon as he saw a leftover pizza on the table. Since no one was around, he decided to make the ultimate heist. And failed!

Bosse the adorable fur ball has decided to make the ultimate heist – steal a pizza off the table. But how? The pizza won’t cooperate at all. Then the more this fur ball licks it, the more he wants the whole thing in his mouth, but does he manage it? we already know he doesn’t but you’ve got to watch his determination!

Talking about pizzas, should your fur balls have it? According to CanDogsEat-This, “Can dogs eat pizza? In a word, no. Although your dog might find a small slice of pizza a very tasty treat, nearly every ingredient within pizza can be troublesome for canines. It is not a healthy type of dog food. You only need reel off the most popular pizza toppings to know that most of them are a great big doggie no, no. Cheese, tomato, onions, garlic, spicy peppers, mushrooms, oily pepperoni, dough – all of these are bad for your dog and in some cases extremely toxic.” Now take a look at this fur ball on page 2 below!

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