Adorable German Shepherd Tries To Eat Snowballs!

Adorable German Shepherd Tries To Eat Snowballs!

This adorable German shepherd decided to go out and play today, but what’s this? His family is tossing him snow balls?! Once tasted, this fur ball agreed that they were okay, so he starts eating them when thrown!

This adorable German shepherd was playing out in the snow when suddenly and by accident he tasted some snow and loved it! So now when his family throws him snow balls, he tries to eat them, but fails miserably! Talking about snow, should your fur balls eat them?

According to Petful, “There are some feisty four-legged friends that simply enjoy eating snow. Everybody has their snacking preferences, and some pooches just love noshing on freshly fallen snow. There isn’t anything wrong with that unless they consume a lot of it. Too much of the frosty precipitation can cause an intestinal upset, which could have you steam-cleaning the carpets. Be wise and watch your pup in the winter. You will be less busy, and your carpets will be in better shape, because of your attentiveness.”

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