Adorable German Shepherd With Short Spine Has Lots Of Love To Offer...

Adorable German Shepherd With Short Spine Has Lots Of Love To Offer...

Everyone meet Quasimodo, an adorable German shepherd with a short spine who’s proved that looks don’t matter, only love does and he has only love to offer anyone who comes to pet him!

There’s a reason why only professionals should do the breeding because only they know the condition of the fur balls they’re bringing into this world. Irresponsible breeders are in the breeding business just to make a quick buck, but really, they don’t care about the health of their dogs. And this is the reason this adorable German shepherd dog, who was found as stray in Kentucky, has a short spine.

Quasimodo suffers from Short Spine Syndrome and is one of the 13 dogs worldwide who suffer from this condition. According to Inside Edition, “When the foster coordinator of SecondHand Hounds in Minnesota saw the pup, she knew that their organization was a perfect fit for him. They named his Quasimodo, after The Hunchback of Notre Dame and took him in. The organization says that Quasi is just one of thirteen documents cases of short spine syndrome in the world.”

He requires some medical attention but will soon be ready for adoption once he’s all fixed up. Continue to page 2 to find out more about Quasimodo and see video of him in action!

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This sweet pup was originally thought to have been kept in a small enclosure for too much of his life, but upon further examination, it’s become clear he is one of the rare cases of Short Spine Syndrome. His spine is actually twisted and while he can’t move his head and faces some other medical issues, he is in safe hands now and will be looking for a new forever home soon!

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For more on Quasimodo (or as he likes to think of himself, Cassanova), watch the video below!

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