Adorable Labrador Pup Remembers His Puppy Hood!

Adorable Labrador Pup Remembers His Puppy Hood!

This adorable Labrador pup realized that age is just a number and that nothing and no one can come between him and him! Confused, much? Yes, I know, but that’s what happened when he decided to become a little puppy again!

It happens to all of us, you know the fact that sometimes we wish we could turn back time and just go back to our childhood, but it wouldn’t look cute, trust me! When it comes to our fur balls though, even if they’re 5 years old and they behave like 5 week old puppies, it’s just as adorable as before!

This Labrador pup for example, is still pretty young but has decided that today was the day he was going to be a tiny puppy once again! Come what may, he’ll play with his pacifier squeaky toy just like he used to play when he was a tiny puppy and guess what? It’s adorable! Take a look at this grown puppy on page 2 below!

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Feature Image Source: Flickr

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