Adorable Pup Answers 'Yes' Before Dad Even Asks A Question!

Adorable Pup Answers 'Yes' Before Dad Even Asks A Question!

Dogs might not know fluent English, but they can learn to understand and interpret frequently said verbal sounds. For example, a pup might get excited when you say “food”, “walk”, or “ball” because they know what happens after the word is said!

Reuben the bulldog pup knows that whenever he’s asked a question beginning with “Do you…”, that the full sentence will involve something he really likes! Whether the sentence ends with “want to go outside”, “want to go for a ride”, or “want more food”, the pup knows the answer will always be yes. So when Dad starts asking, “Reu, do you…” the pup, immediately takes off in excitement, even though the question hasn’t been finished!

Eventually, Dad convinces the pup to hear out his whole sentence. As he leaves the pup in suspense, repeating “Do you…” over and over again, the pup cocks his head from side to side. It’s just all much too adorable! It turns out, Dad is asking if he wants to go to the park, and he takes off running, indicating that yes, he definitely does.

Feature Image Source: Melnotte

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