Adorable Pup Bends The Rule And Tries To Get On The Couch! This Is Hilarious!

Adorable Pup Bends The Rule And Tries To Get On The Couch! This Is Hilarious!

Different households incorporate different rules for their pups – but many smart, naughty dogs manage to find loopholes that allow them to still get their way without technically breaking the rules. It’s hilarious but eye roll worthy for pup parents everywhere!

Lexi the boxer pup has always been spunky and sassy. When she was a puppy, she made a mad dash into the house after playing inside and rolling in the mud, and she leaped right onto the couch before anyone could stop her. She covered the entire sofa in muddy pawprints and sludge! Needless to say, it was a cleaning nightmare.

Mommy enforced a rule in the house after that day: Lexi was no longer allowed on the sofa at all! It’s not as harsh as it sounds, of course, because she has plenty of other soft places to rest – like the beds of her human brothers and of course, her own doggy bed.

But Lexi still misses the days where she could lounge on the sofa, so she’s managed to find a way that sort of gets around that rule. In her opinion, if she isn’t fully lying on the sofa, she’s not doing anything wrong. So, she props herself up and rests the top half of her body on the sofa, with her lower legs still on the floor. Hey, that’s not how that works, Lexi!

Mommy is very amused by Lexi’s attempts to work around the rule, but after laughing for a while, she still tells the pup to get down. You can see in Lexi’s expression that she knows exactly what she’s doing, but she uses her adorable puppy dog eyes and cute charm to try and convince Mommy to allow her to bend the rules just a little bit. Hey, rules are made to be broken, after all!

Feature Image Source: Donna Wolford

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