Adorable Pup Can't Contain Her Excitement After Seeing Best Friend She Moved Away From

Adorable Pup Can't Contain Her Excitement After Seeing Best Friend She Moved Away From

Juno has always been a rather anxious pup. This pit bull has a hard time making friends and doesn’t trust easily, so all the friends she makes are very special to her, and special for those who watch them bloom.

At three years old, Juno had been returned by two potential adopters before Kelly Tedford saw an ad for her on Petfinder. Tedford hadn’t known much about the pup and, unfortunately, didn’t really know what she was getting herself into as she drove to Seattle from her Vancouver home to adopt the pup.

Juno was definitely not quick to warm up to Tedford. In fact, Tedford had to sit on the floor near the pup for 30 minutes, treats in hand, before the pup even went up to her. That’s when Tedford realized just how difficult earning Juno’s love would be. Luckily, Tedford works with many difficult dogs and is a part-time trainer and walker, so she was ready for the challenge.

Tedford started by attempting to introduce Juno to the dogs that were her clients. Juno, however, would get aggressive. Tedford had to work hard to begin convincing her to be calm around other dogs. Usually, walking with them encouraged Juno to slowly befriend them. But, if a week passed before she saw those pups again, they would be back to square one.

Tedford tried all the tricks she could – Thundershirts, training regimens, patience – but nothing worked. That’s when a vet decided to give Juno Prozac, antidepressant medication. The moment Juno started taking it, she became a completely different pup. She made friends and remembered them, and soon she became besties with Blondie and Callie, two Labradors, getting very excited around them.

Unfortunately, Tedford and Juno moved homes eventually, and six months later, Tedford knew Juno was missing her old friends. She had difficulty making new ones and felt lonely as Tedford worked a new job. So, Tedford decided to surprise her with a playdate with the Labradors she loved so much!

When Juno saw Blondie and Callie, she was beyond overjoyed. They went swimming in a quiet location, and it was the first time in a while that Juno seemed to be completely and utterly happy. Tedford and Juno continue to work on behavioral issues, but there will be more playdates to come, too!

Images & Feature Image Source: Kelly Tedford

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