Adorable Pup Finds The Fluffiest Dogs And Then Naps On Them!

If you have never taken your pet to a daycare, you might be wondering what goes on when the parents leave to go to work.

You ask yourself whether it is similar to a normal children’s daycare and if the atmosphere is just as energetic. Well, just as children love being creative and playing during their day, you can be certain that daycare dogs express amusing antics just as much as children do! There is one daycare regular who has proven this theory to be true, reminding us that our pups are just as full of beans as any youngster would naturally be.

Edna is a daycare delight, who has been attending her local daycare since she was a tiny pup. This tiny terror used to exhaust herself within the first few hours at daycare, after frantically chasing her playmates and running around. She was so exhausted that she had to nap to recharge for further play. Instead of joining the fight in finding a mat to sleep on, Edna decided she would rather find the fluffiest dog in the room and assign him/her as her pillow for the day.

Her adorable antics didn’t bother the other dogs in the slightest, and they genuinely enjoyed her tiny cuddles.

As years went by, Edna has never changed her pillow habits, and to this day she still chooses her playmates over a mat. Our dogs can be so creative when they want to be, and that is one of the many reasons we adore them!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

Images Source: Instagram

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