Adorable Pup Looking For A Forever Loving Home Gets An Office Parody!

Adorable Pup Looking For A Forever Loving Home Gets An Office Parody!

Bentley was taken in by Pennsylvania SPCA two years ago, back in the October of 2016. Little was known about his background other than that Humane Law Enforcement had to take him from his home and move him in.

The case was confidential, so staff didn’t know for sure what Bentley had been through, but the pup’s fear and stress spoke for themselves. At first, Bentley would only stay in the far back of his little kennel. He didn’t want to interact with people and was terrified of the other dogs. He couldn’t trust the people he saw, and the SPCA’s behavioral team knew they needed to do something. So they decided to take him out of the kennel environment and allow him to live in their office.

The result was staggering. Bentley came out of his shell quickly and started to show everyone that his goofy personality and his care for others. Now, two years later, he’s still nervous with new people he meets, but he’s best friends with his shelter staff buddies. He’s even managed to make some pup friends!

Bentley still has a while to go and the behavioral team is doing their best to ease his fear and anxiousness. Still, they believe in his progress and potential, and staff know all he needs is a patient and loving home. Unfortunately, the 6-year-old has yet to be adopted.

In an effort to help Bentley appeal to adopters, the shelter shot an adorable The Office-themed video starring Bentley. So far, they have yet to have anyone express their interest in him. Bentley would love a home with family members who know how to handle pups with anxiety and are eager to help in his recovery.

All Bentley truly desires is a family he can trust, rely on, and spend time with. He loves relaxing on the sofa but also enjoys playing outside and hiking. He’s also a great cuddler! If you’d like to adopt Bentley, contact the shelter here.

Images & Feature Image Source: Pennsylvania SPCA

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