Adorable Pup Lost In In Hurricane Maria Reunites With Her Family Once Again

Adorable Pup Lost In In Hurricane Maria Reunites With Her Family Once Again

When natural disasters strike, pets are often displaced, whether it’s because their families can’t bring them along or simply because they get separated accidentally in the ensuing chaos and havoc.

Last September, Hurricane Maria hit Peurto Rico, and countless animals went missing as they sought shelter, losing homes and missing their families in the process. Without anywhere to go, many of these pets wind up at shelters, where staff work with other organizations to unite as many of them with their Moms and Dads as they can.

Daya was one of these pups, but it was months before a shelter picked her up and got her somewhere to stay. The shy pup was frightened and nervous, but luckily, her family – which had moved to Massachusetts after the hurricane – found out that she had been rescued and couldn’t wait to see her again!

With the help of the St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center and Puerto Rico Animal Unite, Daya was able to be transported and flown to Second Chance Animal Services on the mainland, a shelter near to her family’s new home. Though she was scared at first, she caught a whiff of a familiar scent, and suddenly, she transformed from a terrified pup into a very excited and happy one!

This beautiful moment makes us so thankful for all the groups that work so hard to reunite these families after disasters. Don’t forget to support organizations local to you when you can!

Feature Image Source: Puerto Rico Animal Unite

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