Adorable Pup Loves Clothes So Much That Grandpa Build Him His Personal Closet!

Adorable Pup Loves Clothes So Much That Grandpa Build Him His Personal Closet!

Not all pups enjoy fashion and clothing. Pluto is one pup who just can’t get enough of it! In fact, he may just be the most stylish pup in the world.

Lily, who goes by @heyitslilyyy on Twitter, and her family decided to adopt Pluto a while ago. But it wasn’t long before they noticed that something was off. Pluto was constantly shaking and shivering, even when there didn’t seem to be any reason to do so.

Vets told Lily and her family that it was likely anxiety, but the pup’s state didn’t seem to make sense with that hypothesis. Realizing just how tiny Pluto was, Lily wondered if he was just very cold. So she decided to buy him a jacket.

As soon as Lily put the jacket on, something clicked. Pluto stopped shivering, and just like that, he was in love with clothing – the only thing that had ever solved his cold problem.

Since discovering Pluto’s love for style, Lily has bought him over a dozen different outfits in the form of shirts and jackets. Pluto’s wardrobe soon became as formidable and enviable as it was cozy.

With this huge collection of clothes came a new problem – where could all these stylish suits be stored? That’s when Lily’s father came up with a bright idea! In just two days, he made Pluto a great closet that could fit all of Pluto’s clothes.

Not only was Lily impressed, but Pluto absolutely loved it. He got so excited seeing all his clothes in one neat place, and he loves picking out his chosen outfit every day! And if he happens to outgrow that wardrobe cabinet, you can bet his family will find a new solution.

Images & Feature Image Source: Twitter/heyitslilyyy

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