Adorable Pup Meets Twin And Immediately Convinces Mom To Bring Him Home!

Adorable Pup Meets Twin And Immediately Convinces Mom To Bring Him Home!

With two senior cats and a still-young rescued pup by the name of Rogue, Bethany Coleman was fairly certain she couldn’t handle another dog. When her partner, Tyson, suggested taking on an additional pup, she didn’t think it was a good idea in their Beacon Hill, Boston apartment – they seemed to have their hands full.

Then, on a day in October 2016, Coleman was out to the farmers’ market with Rogue when she spotted another pup that was a spitting image of Rogue at a local shelter. She immediately knew she had to take the pup in – especially since Tyson had wanted to rescue a dog that looked just like Rogue shortly before!

The puppy, who was 8 months old at the time, was given the name Beast. Rogue immediately fell in love with him on sight, maybe because he looked like his twin. Still, when Beast entered their family home, it took a while for Rogue to get used to not being the only pup anymore.

Finally, though, after some fights and disagreements, the two became best friends. Hilariously, today, Beast is twice Rogue’s size – but he doesn’t seem to realize it! He thinks he can do everything his big sister does, even though she’s much smaller.

Together, Beast’s lovable personality and Rogue’s energetic intelligence make for a perfect pair. Rogue seems to have calmed down quite a bit since getting a brother, too.

Now, the family and their two dogs and two cats live in a new home in Hawaii. After a mandatory quarantine period when they first moved into the state, they’ve been able to become a much closer family.

Coleman wouldn’t have it any other way!

Images & Feature Image Source: Bethany Coleman

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