Adorable Pup Overcomes His Fears Thanks To His Very Best Friend - A Cat!

Adorable Pup Overcomes His Fears Thanks To His Very Best Friend - A Cat!

Eight years ago, Shirley Y. and her pup Odie were on a walk when a shy and frightened little stray kitten popped up out of seemingly nowhere to say hello to them. By the end of that interaction, it was clear the kitten liked them, and Shirley brought her home with them, naming her Leeloo.

It took a while for Leeloo to stop being terrified around other people, but her big pup brothers Joey and Odie both helped her feel safe, teaching her that the world was less scary than she believed. Soon, Leeloo was braver and even going on hikes with her brothers! But then, many years ago, the two pups passed away, leaving Leeloo sad and lonely.

Shirley decided to bring a new pup into the family to help Leeloo cope with the loss – a Jack Russell terrier named Brody, who had just been returned from previous adopters due to behavioral problems. But Shirley wanted to give him a chance. The same day as she adopted him, she brought the pup on a hike, and he loved it.

But when Brody met Leeloo, his prey drive made him dislike her quite a lot. Thankfully, Leeloo didn’t mind and tried to get him to warm up to her. And then the two went on their first hike together, and Brody suddenly began to love the little kit! He was clearly impressed by her sense of adventure, and soon, they were best friends.

Funnily, Brody started learning about how to be a good, proper dog from his big sister. Leeloo has picked up a lot from her previous big brothers that she was able to teach Brody in turn! The two now go on hikes all the time with each other, walking and sitting side by side. Sometimes, they even go swimming or sledding!

These two love adventure and you can get glimpses into them on their Instagram page!

Images & Feature Image Source: Shirley Y.

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