Adorable Pup Rescued From The Woods Can't Stop Her Love For Fluffy Pillows!

Adorable Pup Rescued From The Woods Can't Stop Her Love For Fluffy Pillows!

Juniper was just a small puppy when she and her siblings were found alone in a wooded area in Alabama. It was believed that the mom of the litter had given birth in those woods and then disappeared, leaving them alone.

The litter stayed in an Alabama shelter for a while before rescue group Brown Dog Coalition took them in. Rich Droser and his family stumbled upon Juniper’s picture one day and immediately wanted to adopt her – and so they did!

Now, Juniper is nearing the age of two. After struggling to survive on a cold forest floor, she now relishes all the comfort she gets to enjoy in the comfort of her home, surrounded by a family that loves her. Despite her size, Juniper seems to think she’s the perfect lapdog. She loves cuddling and snuggling with loved ones, and she’s a sucker for a blanket or pillow!

In fact, she may like soft and cozy things a little too much – not that there’s such a thing as “too much” anyway! Her family likes to tease her by piling all sorts of blankets and cushions on top of her until they form a tall tower. Usually, she’s so comfy she doesn’t feel like coming out! She’ll only wriggle free if food is served, or if it gets a little too toasty.

This adorable picture was taken after a long afternoon spent at the dog park. Juniper lay down on the sofa to chill, and a pillow fell over her – and she didn’t budge an inch! In fact, she seemed to like her new arrangements.

Naturally, her family decided to pile pillow on top of her until they formed an impressive stack – and she still stayed still, enjoying all the comfort!

Images & Feature Image Source: Rich Droser

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