Adorable Pup Spots "Another" Puppy, Immediately Decides To Share Toy!

Adorable Pup Spots "Another" Puppy, Immediately Decides To Share Toy!

Pups are known for their huge hearts that contain endless compassion and friendliness. Ozzie, a three-month-old pup, is definitely one of them. Don’t let his tiny little size fool you – what he lacks in largeness, he certainly makes up for tenfold in this size of his heart!

Emma Green, Ozzie’s Mom, has only had the pup for around a month, but his loving, sweet nature has completely won her over and she’s already convinced that he’s the biggest sweetheart the world has ever known. He loves meeting new people and pups and seems to fall in love with every new acquaintance he comes across!

Then, Emma managed to get a video of something funny and amusing that Ozzie was doing. The result was an instant viral hit – something equal parts adorable, pure, innocent, angelic, and downright silly! And it’s through this video that we truly see the extent of the pup’s kindness.

Ozzie was trotting through a room in his house, carrying a toy panda. This panda is his absolute favourite toy. Then, suddenly, he spotted his reflection in the mirror and immediately thought it must be a new, random dog who had wandered into his humble abode. Many pups might bark or get territorial – but not Ozzie!

The pup, instead of getting bristly, walked right up to the “other dog” and tried to give the pup his favourite toy to play with. He was met with complete confusion as he noticed that the reflection was being just as generous to him, causing a hilarious compassion battle!

Ozzie never did manage to get his toy panda to the other, mysterious visitor – but what he did do is create a memorable occurrence that his Mom will never forget. Keep being you, Ozzie!

“I think that everyone should have a dog, or at least have a dog in their lives, because they honestly make life so much better,” Green said. “Even when they don’t try, they are the best thing around since sliced bread.”

Feature Image Source: Twitter/itsmeemmag

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