Adorable Pup Surprises Mommy By Organizing A Cute Play Date!

Adorable Pup Surprises Mommy By Organizing A Cute Play Date!

Yohana Dasilva looks forward to coming home from college every day for many reasons, but one of the biggest ones is Lila, her adorable little pup. Lila is always so happy to see her, wagging her tail a mile and minute, barking, running and jumping, and giving Dasilva lots of kisses.

Then, one day, as this usual routine came to a close and Dasilva was putting her things down, Lila grabbed one of her toys – a squeaky blue hippo – and followed her big human sister everywhere she went. Eventually, Dasilva went up to her room, and she was met by an adorable surprise!

Lila ran to Dasilva’s bed, where she had carefully laid out a huge amount of her other toys. She placed the hippo down next to them and looked right at her sister as if to say she’s done this to greet her with! Needless to say, Dasilva was very pleasantly surprised. She went to ask her mom if it was her mother who put the toys there, but her mom informed her that Lila had brought them all up herself!

As it turns out, Lila had missed Dasilva so much that she meticulously planned a special playdate for them to enjoy. She just wanted all of her sister’s attention – and how could Dasilva say no to that?

This is the first time Lila has ever done something even remotely like this, and Dasilva is thrilled. If anything, it shows that the pup has tons of smarts – and that she’s thinking about her favorite person in the world all day long!

Images & Feature Image Source: Yohana Dasilva

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