Adorable Pup Who Loves Plushie Toys Gets A Real Kitten To Cuddle With!

Adorable Pup Who Loves Plushie Toys Gets A Real Kitten To Cuddle With!

It wasn’t too long ago that Mojito the golden retriever went viral for her super cute bedtime routine, which involved her picking out one plushie out of her gigantic collection of stuffed toys every night to cuddle to sleep with. But now, the pup has a brand new cuddle buddy!

When Skywalker the white kitten came into Mojito’s Daddy’s emergency vet clinic, both he and Mojito’s Mommy knew they had to adopt the lonesome kit! The polydactyl kitten was brought home and introduced to Mojito, and it was pretty much love at first sight. The two hit it off right away.

This connection came as a bit of a relief for Mojito! Prior to Skywalker’s arrival in her home, she had spent ages trying to befriend and lavish love on the original house cat, a black kit named Vader. But Vader only barely tolerated Mojito’s loving cuddles and kisses, and he seems quite glad that the pup’s fascination has shifted to another resident cat!

As little Skywalker’s extra toes get larger, so does his love for Mojito, and Mojito’s love for him! The two are always seen cuddling, napping, and playing together. As a therapy dog, Mojito makes Skywalker feel right at home – in fact, the kitten might think the pup is his mom!

These two adorable pets already have such a close and beautiful bond! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for them as they have many more adventures together.

Images & Feature Image Source: mojito_rose

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