These Adorable Pups Are Ready For Christmas, Are You?

These Adorable Pups Are Ready For Christmas, Are You?

When two puppies get together to play, you know everyone’s going to have a good time!

So when these two-month-old fur balls – a German shepherd pup and a basset hound pup – gather after a yummy thanksgiving dinner, lots of fun and playtimes are to be had! These two are best friends, and as such, they can’t resist a good bit of tussling and playing, especially with all the festive spirit in the air! They run around the house, tumbling and fighting each other. What playful fur balls!

It’s hard not to smile at their antics, and their families must be happy to watch them enjoying themselves. Although Thanksgiving is over, there’s always time to be thankful for the pups in our families, especially when they’re so loving and adorable and always put a smile on the faces of those around them. Don’t forget to like and share this video if you enjoyed it!

Feature Image Source: King Goji95

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