Agile Police Officer Saves Dog That Fell From Car Into The Highway

Agile Police Officer Saves Dog That Fell From Car Into The Highway

Driving along Chatham County’s I-95 with his wife, an unidentified police officer witnessed as the dog, named Tasha, tumbled out the window of a car, hitting the pavement and scrambling just off the interstate’s shoulder.

The couple who were, then, driving at 80 miles an hour, witnessed in terror as Tasha fell out the car window, flipped two times on air, and landed just off the highway. Certain that she was not without injuries and concerned that she might get run over, the police officer immediately rushed to Tasha, picked her up with a towel which he grabbed from the back of his car, and drove to the nearest veterinarian.

He, then, alerted the Chatham County emergency team about the incident, with hopes that Tasha’s parents had dialed 911. Several more miles from the scene, Tasha’s parents did realize that their child was missing and guessed what happened. They, then, sought assistance via 911. The parents later explained that they were unaware that their car window was open and realized only too late.

In a Facebook post, the police updated the public that parents and their beloved dog are now reunited, and that, Tasha had not suffered any grave injuries. After being subject to medical monitoring overnight, Tasha was found to suffer some bruises and bumps from the fall. Grateful and rejoicing over being reunited again, Tasha’s parents resumed their journey with their daughter, now safe and much recovered.

Feature Image Source: Chatham County Police Department

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