Air Force Veteran Rescues Pitbull Dumped At A Local Park

Air Force Veteran Rescues Pitbull Dumped At A Local Park

It is hard to understand why anyone would wake up one morning and decide to abandon their dog on the street. A vehicle pulled up at a local park in Colorado Springs, and someone inside opened the door and pushed out a Pitbull before zooming off.

Carl Anderson, an Air Force veteran, watched in shock as the events unfolded. He was upset, so he went over to where they dumped the dog to check whether he was alright, but the dog was scared and didn’t want him to get closer.

The next day, Anderson returned to the park with food and water. The dog was still sitting at the spot where they dumped him. However, he responded to Anderson’s kind gesture this time.

Anderson called the Humane Society of the Pike’s Peak Region, and they picked up the dog and named him Bruno.

Anderson still felt he could still do more for Bruno. It turns out that he volunteers at Victory Service Dogs, a local nonprofit that trains dogs to care for first responders and veterans. Since Bruno was well within the age range of dogs admitted to the program, Anderson decided to get him into the program and foster him.

In an interview with a news station, Anderson said his family was in love with Bruno, and it would be difficult to release him when someone came forward to adopt him.

Image Credit: YouTube

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