Amazing Labrador Fetches Huge Branch From The River!

Amazing Labrador Fetches Huge Branch From The River!

Sticks and swimming are two of the things Labradors love the most! However, for most labs, fetching a stick usually means fetching something that can easily be thrown by their human but not this lab!

Jacob the Labrador retriever is a very strong fur kid and he’s not one to settle for just any old stick. As soon as his eyes locked onto the beautiful, huge branch across the river, he knew he had to have it and have it he did! Size does not matter for Jacob the Labrador! In fact, the pup probably thinks, “the bigger the better!”

Jacob went across the river, grabbed hold of the branch, and tugged it all the way to the other side of the river and up the bank to get it onto the grassy area where he could play with it!

His doggy sibling looked on in amazement and Jacob was off, running and playing (somehow!) with this gigantic branch!

Video On Page 2!

Watch the video below to see the Lab fetching a huge branch from the river!

Feature Image Source: labrador

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