Amid Texas Power Outage Dog Gives Birth In A Car

Amid Texas Power Outage Dog Gives Birth In A Car

Maggie was an expectant mother when she was taken by animal control and then came under the care of the Hill Country SPCA. Before, she was seen wandering around in Fredericksburg, Texas by herself and very pregnant. In a nick of time, the SPCA found her a loving foster family.

Upon joining her new family, The Morgans, her foster parents could tell how caring she was especially with their two young children with whom she displayed much motherly affection. For Aubrey Morgan, the pup’s foster mother, this was the first time she ever had a pregnant dog under her care so she made it a point to do thorough research so that she’d be able to help Maggie when the time came for her to deliver.

Despite the whelping equipment on hand Morgan remembered the importance of keeping the puppies warm, if they weren’t they would have trouble digesting food and they’d become pale. The time for Maggie to deliver was right around the corner and things were looking up, then the huge winter storm that swept across Texas cut their electricity. Around that time Maggie showed intense signs that she was nearing delivery and so it was established that she’d give birth without electricity in the progressively cold weather.

The process began in the family’s guest bathroom where they had a shower running to create steam to keep the puppies warm, Morgan’s husband also filled bags with boiling water to keep the temperature up. As more puppies were delivered the couple figured that it wasn’t warm enough and decided to move to the car. Around 2 am Maggie and her delivered pups were moved to the car, where the pup delivered three more puppies. Thereafter, Morgan and her husband stayed in the car for 12 hours.

Whilst watching over their family in the car Morgan’s husband managed to get a generator that could heat a part of the house so that they could move Maggie and her pups to a comfier spot.

However, the couple’s young children began to feel cold so the couple decided to go to Morgan’s parents’ house, where there was electricity, to stay with Maggie and the puppies till the power came back.

The seven puppies are healthy and very lively despite the ordeal that was their delivery, their family made sure they’d take good care of them.

Image Source: Aubrey Morgan

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