An Abandoned Pitbull Finds a New Home After Wandering In Family's Backyard

An Abandoned Pitbull Finds a New Home After Wandering In Family's Backyard

When this particular Pitbull stumbled into Lakisha Smith’s yard, he wouldn’t have imagined that this would become his new home. Or perhaps it was the universe guiding him. Of all the yards he could have gone to, he chose this one.

Even more surprising, Lakisha was out of the house at the time but realized she had forgotten something and had to go back. That’s how the two met. It was Smith’s daughter that made the first contact with the Pitbull. He was welcoming. Upon closer infection, the mother and daughter realized that the dog needed help.

“I told her to feed him because he looked like he was starving,” Smith says. “He was thirsty and very dehydrated.” Later that day the family bathed the dog who was infested with fleas and very dirty. And then they gave him a place to sleep. At this point, even if the dog could talk he would be lost for words.

The family then launched a campaign to find the dog’s parents the next day. They shared his picture to multiple groups on Facebook but came up empty. The Pittie didn’t have a microchip so they couldn’t do a scan to determine his origin. Turns out it’s what the Smiths had been silently hoping for. They had grown a liking for the dog and were ready to keep him. They named him Poppy.

However, their perfect family was almost disrupted when a man who identified himself as Poppy’s dad contacted them on Facebook. But, from Poppy’s reaction, it was clear that the man had not been kind to him. Fortunately, he was kind enough to let Poppy stay after realizing how happy the dog was in his new home. Over the years, Poppy has given the Smiths some health scares with the vets even saying he wasn’t going to make it a few times. But, the dog’s will to live is unmatched. And, the Smiths couldn’t be any happier that they took him in.

Feature Image & Images Source: Lakisha Smith

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