Are Dog Parks Good For Dogs?

Are Dog Parks Good For Dogs?

Dog parks are built specifically for dogs to roam around freely with other dogs, people, and dog-friendly surroundings. But does that mean dog parks are a good option for your dog?

Let’s find out:

Preparing for the dog park

Dog parks are designated areas for dogs to play and exercise leash-free, especially if they don’t have safe outdoor space at home. They also provide key socialization opportunities with other dogs and humans.

Before bringing your dog to a dog park, you should have an idea of the layout and how well your dog will be accommodated, for instance, if you have a small dog or one with a disability. You should also take note of seating, shade, and water.

You should only bring your puppy to the dog park once he/she passes the 4-month mark and has all the necessary shots. You should also ensure your dog is well-trained to handle all the distractions as he/she must come to you when you call.

You must have supplies such as a leash, ID tags, collar, poop bag, and water for a day at the park. You must also be prepared for accidents and have a mini safety kit on hand.

Things to pay attention to

Pay close attention to your dog the first time at the dog park. Surely you would not take your eyes off a human child. If there are signs of distress, it may be time to leave and come back at a time when the park is less crowded. Some signs include panting, moving in slow motion, avoidance, tail-tucking, yawning, furrowing brows, and aggression.

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