As Dog Parents, We Need To Learn More About Splooting!

As Dog Parents, We Need To Learn More About Splooting!

If you are a dog parent, you know how odd some of our dogs lay on the floor or on the couch. Splooting, which is a position that allows dogs to lay both back legs out while laying on their stomach, is a common position.

Some dog parents are beginning to ask their vets and other friends why their dogs will lay like this. Of course, it’s an adorable position to find your dog in, but is it uncomfortable? There are a few reasons why your dog will lay this way.

The most common reason is because it feels good for your dogs to stretch out their legs. They might like to lay in that position because it works their back legs. This position can also help with hotter temperatures because the cold floor will make their bellies cool off.

Either way, this position is super normal for many dogs. For those wondering if it hurts them, have no fear, they are very comfortable. If you find your dog in that position, leave them be, odds are they are cozy and willing to lie down like this!

The only time that this position should cause concern, is if they are being forced into it. If your dog is not lying down like this on their own, then do not force them to sploot. Dogs will only do what is easy for them and pleasant, so allow them to do it on their own, or not at all.

Which is also alright. No matter the position your dogs get into, it’s most likely because they want to! Hey, how about splooting with your dog the next time they do it?!

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