Astronaut Spends 328 Days In Space, And When She Returns Home, Her Dog Steals The Limelight!

We have seen countless videos of army veterans returning from duty and the reaction of their dogs upon return. They are usually absolutely euphoric and thrilled to see their favorite humans again, bounding in circles and jumping into the arms of their dog parents.

The loyalty and affection of these animals radiate from their actions, despite the time apart from their loved ones. To a four-legged family member, time really is no factor. They remember who loved them and treated them well, and they never seem to forget it. This is not only true for veterans, but also for travelers and even astronauts!

Astronaut Christina Koch is a record-breaking female NASA astronaut. She was the first woman to spend exactly 328 days (just under a year!) in space before returning back home to Earth. Unfortunately, when she went into space, she could not take her canine companion with her, and so her favorite girl had to stay behind. However, when she came back almost a year later, the two of them had the reunion of a lifetime.

Christina posted a video on social media of her and her furry-faced girl reuniting. The video showed her dog looking out the window and then pouncing her with overjoyed love upon arrival.

The loyalty and unforgotten love between the two went viral across all social media platforms, gaining more and more views by the day. Christina said she was so relieved and ecstatic that her precious dog remembered her, and that was all that really mattered!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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