Adorable Video: Beagle Is Having His Bath!

Adorable Video: Beagle Is Having His Bath!

It’s that time when Vito the Beagle has gotten himself nice and stinky, being a beagle and absorbing lots of smells and that is why today it’s BATH DAY for him!

Lucky for Vito, it’s a beautiful day outside so he gets his bath with the garden hose outside and gets to soak in the beauty of the day! He does a great job of tolerating his hose-down, and even seems to enjoy the shampooing a little bit when his little leg starts going!

Then, when the bath is over and his human lets him loose in the yard, all bets are off! It’s time to get back to work on getting rid of that shampoo smell and soaking in the scents of the grass! Any dog parent will recognize that post-bath wiggle session he has!

Watch the video and see how Vito acts during his bath and afterwards. He couldn’t wait to shake off the water and scratch himself in the grass!

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Watch the video below to see Vitto and his bath experience!

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