Beagle Unhurt After Surviving 40-Mile Drive Stuck Under Parent's Vehicle

Beagle Unhurt After Surviving 40-Mile Drive Stuck Under Parent's Vehicle

A 2-year old beagle may have just made our list of luckiest dogs alive after being stuck under a car that was driven for about 40 miles before he was discovered. The dog is thought to have crawled under the pickup truck and then gotten trapped.

The dog’s dad who is a vendor at the Rochester Public Market drove from their home in Canandaigua without realizing that the beagle named Zeke was under the car. It was only after he alighted at Rochester that the dog started barking attracting his attention. Poor Zeke had probably been too scared and confused to bark while the pickup was in motion probably hitting speeds of up to 60 miles per hour. The truck had been moving for about 30 minutes before it stopped.

After realizing his dog was stuck, the dad quickly called the Rochester Fire Department who further enlisted the help of Lollypop Farm to rescue the dog. Zeke had to be sedated to streamline the rescue process. Luckily, he came out with only minor injuries and is expected to recover soon.

Looking at the image from the scene, you can see the relief on the dog after the near-death experience and I can only imagine the joy in his dad’s heart. He would have been heartbroken if Zeke had been seriously injured and would have probably blamed himself for not being more attentive. The Rochester Fire department later posted the incident on their Facebook page appreciating everyone that was involved in the rescue.

Images & Feature Image Source: Rochester Fire Department

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