Before Installing A Dog Door, Make Sure You Read This First!

Before Installing A Dog Door, Make Sure You Read This First!

Thinking of installing a dog door so your dog can enter and exit your home as needed?

Here are 7 things to think about before installing a dog door:


If your dog loves to dig, a doggy door can make it easy for them to dig beneath it and push themselves out. Some doors prevent this risk, but a dog who’s an escape artist may still find a way through.

Other Animals

Sometimes, other animals may find their way into your home through a doggy door. Cats, raccoons, other dogs, and more could manage to get in.


It’s important that you make sure your dog can actually fit very easily through the doggy door. If they get stuck in there when you’re not at home, it could end badly for them.


If you live somewhere that you’re beneath sea level, or somewhere that floods a lot, a doggy door could increase the risk of flooding in your home.


Young children may be very interested in the new doggy door, and they might want to try to figure out how to use it. They could get injured crawling through it, so if you have very young kids, keep them away from the door. Older kids should be taught that it’s for dogs only.


Sure, it’s unlikely that someone can break into your home through a doggy door, but it could happen – and it can also be used by someone who wants to steal your dog.


A dog who’s free to go in and out as they please is going to bring a lot more mess into your home from soil and dirt!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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