Bonded Shelter Pups Who Comfort Each Other Are Looking To Be Adopted Together

Bonded Shelter Pups Who Comfort Each Other Are Looking To Be Adopted Together

In the Jackson County Animal Shelter located in Gautier, Mississippi, two pups have slept huddled together for a month.

On the 17th of July, Suzy Q the mini pin mix and Charity the bulldog mix were dropped off at the shelter by animal control, and their friendship truly speaks for itself. They had no one but each other, and it made their bond very strong.

Although Charity was cold after losing most of her fur coat to demodex mange, Suzy Q was there to cuddle with her and keep her nice and warm – by lying on top of her and using her as a bed to avoid the cool kennel floor! Charity provides Suzy Q with comfort and Suzy Q supplies the warmth. It’s a win-win!

By each other’s sides, the two pups have gone through so much. They are both undergoing flea treatment and taking medication, and they’re both working on putting on more weight. They’ve made sure never to leave the side of the other, always being together whether they’re eating, sleeping, or wandering around.

Hilariously, the smaller pup definitely acts like the boss of the two! Although Charity is allowed to finish up Suzy Q’s food when she can’t, Suzy Q won’t be pushed around. Everywhere she goes, Charity follows.

At long last, the pups reached a point in their healthy where they could be adopted, but staff did not want to separate these two pups. A picture of the two pups went up on Facebook that spoke of their love for each other and how much of a shame it would be to separate them.

Luckily, Third Coast Animal Rescue in South Alabama stepped in to help! The two pups have since been placed with a foster home together, where they await adoption. If you would like to take these two in and make them a part of your family, contact Third Coast Animal Rescue here!

Images & Feature Image Source: Maridee Bond Mallette

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