Bringing Home A Dog? Here's Expectation Vs. Reality! (Part 1)

Bringing home a dog is an exciting time and trust me, it’s one of the many more to come exciting times in your life!

When dog lovers bring home their first dog, they’re filled with dreams and expectations about what’s to come. Of course, dog parents know the reality of it all! Here are some expectations vs. realities of bringing home a dog!

1. New dog parents think that their new puppy will come with pre-learned tips and tricks so when they say “sit” their puppy will sit and wait for further instructions… awww! But no that’s not the reality. When you give your new puppy a command, this is their reaction!


2. New dog parents think that their puppy will be too mannered to eat only in his dog bowl and drink water only from his water bowl. So they buy expensive bowls and wait for that to happen, but in reality… your dog wouldn’t touch his bowl. He’d like your food, or food on the floor.


3. New dog parents think that when they take their dog out for a walk, the dog will take that opportunity to finish their potty business, but in reality, after a long walk, you return home and your dog wants to go. Or your dog wants to go in the middle of the night.


4. New dog parents think that their dog will love sleeping on their expensive and comfortable bed whenever they’re sleepy. In reality, they will sleep on your bed and give you just enough space to breathe comfortably.


How many of you relate to this?! Let us know in the comments! Watch out for Part 2!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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