This Is Why Bulldogs And Cats Should Be Best Friends!

This Is Why Bulldogs And Cats Should Be Best Friends!

You’ve heard the term, “fighting like cats and dogs?” Well, forget it! We have proof that cats and bulldogs get along a lot better than some people would have you believe and they have good reason to too!

French bulldogs and English bulldogs alike have discovered the benefits of being friends with a cat and it’s really pretty simple:

  1. They are always there to play with.
  2. They will give you massages from time to time.
  3. They are really good snuggle buddies to nap with.

Need I say more? Actually, it looks like bulldogs come out on top in this relationship, but shh…don’t tell the cats! They are so cute together and I love watching all the kitties take care of these sweet and sleepy bulldogs.

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Watch the video below to see the adorable bulldogs and cats compilation! Finally, we have proof that they should be the best of friends! Remember to Like and Share with your friends!

Feature Image Source: Film Deposu

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