This Bulldog Vs Two Bears Video Is Amazing!

This Bulldog Vs Two Bears Video Is Amazing!

When it comes to courage, size means nothing. It’s what’s on the inside that counts and this little 20 lb French Bulldog proves it!

Two bear cubs invaded this family’s fenced yard and this little Frenchie wasn’t having it. You can see the family’s security footage recording the entire incident. The French bulldog is meandering around the yard when all of a sudden we see two bear cubs meandering around as well. Well this little Frenchie wasn’t about to share the yard!

In an incredible yet nail-biting encounter, the French bulldog charges the bears, jumping at one of them and chasing both away. You can see one scale the fence to get away from the little 20 lb dog.

This is truly incredible, but I have to say I would be terrified if I saw my dog doing this!

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Watch the video below to see the brave French bulldog pup!

Feature Image Source: Ferns channel

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