Do Bulldogs Need To Use Steps?

Do Bulldogs Need To Use Steps?

I get this question a lot – do bulldogs need to use doggie steps? Especially healthy, younger bullies who are perfectly capable of jumping into the car?

The short answer is yes – the healthiest option for bulldogs of all ages is to use steps instead of jumping. Jumping at any age causes stress on their joints and can contribute to health issues later on so most vets recommend you start using steps for getting into the vehicle (or onto the furniture) at an early age. The good news is it’s never too late to start, but the sooner you start, the more you can prevent unnecessary stress on their joints and possibly avoid some other health issues down the line.

Can old dogs learn new tricks?

Many people also say it’s easier to train a younger dog and develop the habit early so if by a couple years old, they are already used to walking up and down steps instead of jumping, they will have those good habits for life (which is especially helpful as they age). Luckily, even old dogs can learn to use steps though so if your older fur kid isn’t stair-trained yet, it is by no means too late. The key is to enlist the help of their favorite treats – something really special and yummy. Once you have the good treats in hand, you can start teaching them to use the steps, but don’t expect them to learn to use the steps overnight. It takes time and requires repetition and consistency to create a new habit. Take it slow, make sure they feel safe, and reward them for each step they take. Continue to practice every day so they learn that steps are a good thing and by sticking with it for a while, they will learn that steps are the way to go!

What is the best kind of doggie step to get?

Once you have decided to get some steps for your bulldog, the key is picking the right ones. Keeping in mind that bulldogs tend to be built wide, it’s important to make sure their steps are wide too and are designed for easy climbing.

The easier the steps are to use, the easier it will be for your bulldog to take to them. Aside from ease of use, you should consider where you will be using the steps. How tall is the furniture or car they will be used with?

Perhaps the most important thing of all is that you choose sturdy steps. Your bulldog should feel sure-footed and not have to worry about the stairs wobbling beneath them as they learn to use them. Wobbly steps (often meant for smaller, more lightweight dogs) can easily ruin a otherwise good training session and cause your bulldog to become hesitant.

All this in mind, the Easy Step is my personal favorite for bulldogs. At 10″ high, it’s just tall enough to give your bulldog a good boost onto most furniture or into the car without it feeling daunting. It’s also meant for dogs up to 175 lbs, making it plenty sturdy for a bulldog and I love that it’s built with a slightly sloped, wide platform to make it easy for dogs to approach at any angle. It’s kind of like a step & ramp rolled into one. Plus, the Easy Step itself weighs just under 10 lbs so it’s also easy to grab and go if you need to bring it with you in the car.

All in all, the most important thing is getting steps you feel comfortable with and beginning the training process. Some bulldogs will take to it right away, others need some consistent training but the key is sticking with it and using it consistently to help them get comfortable with it. Before you know it, your bulldog will be using their doggie steps like a pro!

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