Burton The English Bulldog Has The Best Day Of His Life!

Burton The English Bulldog Has The Best Day Of His Life!

This is Burton, an English bulldog who just can’t wait to play in the water! Watch how excited he gets when he finally lands at the beach!

Burton the English bulldog just wants one thing and one thing only – to be able to play at the beach without a leash. He wants to experience freedom and where better than at the beach on a nice warm afternoon?! Yes that’s exactly what Burton wanted and what’s exactly what the pup got!

Remember though that our fur babies won’t be able to speak up if something bit them, so make sure that you’re always around in case they need your assistance. Also, try not to leave them in the water for more than 30-45 minutes, because they can catch a cold or wear themselves out!

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This is an adorable video that reminded me of my fur baby on her first day at the beach! Pure bliss!

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