California Has Passed The Bill To Only Sell Rescue Dogs, Cats And Rabbits

California Has Passed The Bill To Only Sell Rescue Dogs, Cats And Rabbits

Finally, lawmakers are taking steps to prevent puppy mills from staying in business. California is set to make history this week by banning pet stores from selling non-rescue cats, dogs, and rabbits.

The Senate unanimously passed the bill, A.B. 485 and Governor Jerry Brown is expected to sign it into law soon. The new law will encourage pet stores to sell rescue animals they have taken from shelters. The main focus of the new law is to prevent animal mills from being profitable. Animal mill forces female animals to breed at a high volume and the only reason is to make money off the sale of the babies.

Most animal mills do not have any regard for the health or welfare of their animals. Many times, the baby animals that come out of animal mills have high rates of mental illness or disease. This brings up another benefit of this new law – it will help save children too. The puppies that come out of puppy mills are often mistreated, and when they get into a household that has children, they will likely attack the child.

Since pet stores will no longer be allowed to sell puppies from puppy mills, the number of dog attacks on children and adults is expected to fall. Let us hope other states follow California’s lead and ban the sale of puppies, kittens, and bunnies from animal mills. There are millions of worthy pets living in shelters that need homes. Remember to adopt your next pet – don’t shop.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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