Can Beagles Live To Be 27 Years Old?

Can Beagles Live To Be 27 Years Old?

Most experts estimate the average life span of a beagle is between 12-15 years. For most of us beagle lovers, that just isn’t long enough.

So we did some research and were encouraged to learn that a beagle named Butch recently lived to be 27 years old! At double the average life span, this is nothing to sneeze at!

Naturally, our next question was “How? And how can we do the same for our beagles?”

It all goes back to developing healthy habits early on. Beagles are predisposed to becoming overweight so getting their weight under control early on is a great benefit. Excess weight can cause inflammation in the body and turn into a number of other issues so this is very important. The suggestions dog food companies include on the bags are often more than your dog really needs (especially if they aren’t a mega-athlete) but a low-fat food may also be beneficial for your beagle. If you notice your dog is a little chubby, talk to your vet about the best way to adjust their diet and possibly check for any thyroid issues if the weight gain is excessive.

Exercise is also important – both in maintaining a healthy weight and also developing a strong heart and body. Beagles are natural explorers so set some time aside to walk together and explore. Your beagle will love it and it will also be good for them to keep their brain and body working as they age.

It’s also important to develop a good relationship with a vet who you trust. Stay on top of the appropriate vaccinations and consider spaying/neutering your dog if they aren’t already. Cancer is a big issue in beagles and most experts agree that spaying/neutering helps reduce the risk of cancer as your beagle ages.

Basically, take extra good care of your beagle’s health and while there are no guarantees in this life, who knows? Maybe your beagle will be the next record-breaker!

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