Can Dogs Cry Real Tears Like We Do?

Dogs do cry, just not the same way as we do.

Have you ever noticed tears or watery eyes in your dogs and wondered if it means they are feeling sad? You might see tears in your dog’s eyes and wonder if you have done something to upset them. Well, it turns out that dogs do have tear ducts just like we do and their eyes do produce tears, just for a different reason to ours.

A dog’s eyes water and become teary when their bodies respond to an allergy in the eye. This can be dust, pollen, grass, or an accidental hit to the eye. Your dog’s eyes may also water to keep them hydrated and flush away irritants.

We know our dogs speak to us through actions and not words, and when they are sad, we see it through their body language or their expressions. When it comes to negative emotions such as sadness, dogs can express how they feel, but they do it through sounds such as whining or whimpering to communicate how they are feeling. By doing this their goal is the same as in humans, and that is to be relieved of the cause of this feeling.

Although dogs don’t cry in the same way we do, it is important for us to remember that they still experience emotions, just in a different way. We still need to treat our dogs with love and compassion because we are not so different after all, and our canine companions have feelings just the same way as we do!

When your dogs are feeling sad, how do you cheer them up? Let us know in the comments!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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