What Can You Gift A Pup Who Has Everything? Here Are 8 Christmas Ideas!

What Can You Gift A Pup Who Has Everything? Here Are 8 Christmas Ideas!

Christmas is a family-oriented holiday, which means that your pups can get involved, too. And what better way to have them join in the festivities than by giving them Christmas presents?

Here are eight great gifts for your fur ball!

1. A Snuggle Buddy Blanket

Do you worry that your pup is lonely and misses you too much when you’re away? This human-shaped blanket will be perfect for keeping them company! Choose between pink and blue, and your fur ball will have something to keep him company. Check it out here!

2. Tough Stuff Gift Set

Why choose between several different kinds of toys when you can just get all the best ones in one set? This toy set includes the Hurley®, a fun chew and fetch toy, the Toppl®, a puzzle treat-reward toy, and Zisc®, a Frisbee. They come in three sizes and are all durable and dishwasher-safe! Look at them here.

3. A Dog Teepee

Yes, you read that right! Pitch it up around your fur ball’s existing bed to give him a private resting area that’s great for stashing toys or taking a quick nap. It’s available in a blue print with white stars, a pink puzzle print, an orange puzzle print, and a white and orange striped print.

4. A WaggWalker Dog Harness

This is an excellent training tool for pups who are learning to heel when walking. The harness allows fur ball parents to command their pups’ attention via a sound that they can trigger in the harness, teaching a pup to keep his focus on the person walking him. It also comes with a safety clip to be attached to a regular collar. Check it out here!

5. An Ultra Plush Dreamcatcher Sofa Bed

This luxurious bed is perfect if you really want to pamper your pup. Its elegance will easily match your house, and it will provide a comfortable, elevated platform for a fur ball to snooze on. You can check it out here!

6. Some Dogs Love Kale Wheat Free Treats

These healthy treats are made without animal byproducts and are equal parts delicious and nutritious! They’re perfect if you want to pamper your fur ball without fretting over his weight too much. You can read more about them and the flavors they come in here.

7. A Pet Stroller

Wanna bring your pup out when you go out, but unable to do so because the weather isn’t favorable? Or maybe you just want your pup to tag along on a long excursion without getting tired? A pet stroller is a neat way to do so! Your pup will be kept safe inside, unable to jump out, but can still see the world go by outside. There are loads to choose from based on your needs. Take a look at the selection here!

8. A “This Shirt Fed A Shelter Dog” Doggie Tank Top

Did you know that purchasing this awesome shirt, or any of the other items listed here, will provide a shelter pup with food for a certain number of days? And this comfortable shirt declares so in classy typography. It looks great, and it may even get potential buyers curious about the good cause. Take a look here!

I hope these gave you some Christmas gift inspiration! Don’t forget to like and share!

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